Pregnant hen party ideas and tips

Having a baby and getting married are two massive life events, but if you find yourself approaching both at the same time, things can suddenly get a bit tricky.  Whether it’s your own or your friend’s wedding that you’ll be attending when pregnant, you’ll need to make some special preparations.

Ideas of a traditional hen party including booze, high heels and all-night dancing, will need to be re-considered. However, with a bit of creativity, there is absolutely no reason why the hen do can’t be the wonderful event that you have always imagined. Josie Maclean from Maximise, specialists in hen weekend solutions, explains:

“We are often contacted by hens or bridesmaids looking to plan hen weekends, where the hen or other girls in the group are expecting. One of the big worries is finding an activity that will be fun for everyone whether they are sober or not, as well as an appropriate activity that’s comfortable and safe for mums-to-be. They are usually surprised at the variety of activities that pregnant hens can still take part in, in fact thinking creatively often opens up new ideas and the difficulty comes in choosing between all the fun and quirky options that we have come up with.”

To help you plan the best possible hen party Josie Maclean has shared her top hen do ideas for mums-to-be, along with some useful tips for taking care of pregnant hens and guests during this special event.

Ideas for pregnant hens

Naughty art life drawing

Ready, steady, sketch! This is a great activity for cheeky hens that are after a good giggle with their closest friends. In an exclusive life drawing class you will be presented with a rather gorgeous muse, who will pose in three different positions, to ensure the class has ample material to create some exquisite pieces of art in celebration of the male form.

Chocolate making workshop

It’s like being back in craft workshops in school, but with a very guilty twist!  You and your friends can learn the art of making delicious chocolates from a master chocolatier. If you manage not to eat all your creations, you’ll have some lovely Belgium truffles to take away with you.

Spa day or weekend package

How often in our lives do we get to enjoy a full day or weekend of pampering at a luxurious spa? For most of us, the answer is not often or never so this idea is a lovely way to make all your friends feel like princesses. It also makes for a hassle free hen do, where no one needs to worry about keeping the group together, getting lost or running to a tight schedule.  Girls can pick their own treatments and enjoy the pool, sauna and steam room at their own pace, coming together for a relaxed lunch or dinner.

Cupcake class

If your hen is a tea and cake fan, she will love this opportunity to make a gorgeous collection of yummy cupcakes. The class will start with tips and instructions of cupcake decorating and then you and your friends can get to work on creating your own glittering, colourful cakes to take home.

Afternoon tea

Cucumber sandwich anyone? Spoil your friends with a traditional afternoon tea experience. This is a great option for more heavily pregnant hens who would appreciate a more relaxed activity. Friends can sit back and catch up while they are served delicious finger sandwiches, cakes and freshly baked scones with jam and cream. Champagne can also be included for any non-expecting ladies in the group who fancy it.

West End show

We are lucky that London has the largest theatre district in the world, with many spectacular shows and major stars hitting the stage every night.  Mamma Mia, Wicked, Billy Elliot and The Bodyguard are just some of the hit productions showing now.  Share your favourite scenes and catch up with your friends over dinner in one of London’s many glamorous or themed restaurants.

Tips for pregnant hens

  • Enjoy your food. Hen dos usually involve one or two big meals. Don’t be afraid to indulge and if you are concerned about what’s on the menu, check out the restaurant’s website to download the menu before the event.
  • Doll up. Get in the mood with some pre-hen do pampering by making an effort with your outfit, hair and makeup. Rather than splashing out on a new outfit that you will only wear once and that might not be as comfortable as your usual maternity wear, ask friends if they can help by lending you something or dig out your favourite accessories to dress up an outfit you already own and love.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. You are likely to be on your feet more than you are used to so avoid high heels and go for a sensible option.
  • Get your bearings. If you are visiting an unfamiliar city, print off a map of the city centre so you can familiarise yourself with where the hotel is in relation to where the activities will take place.
  • Get numbers. You will probably have most of the girls’ phone numbers but if not make sure you have the organiser’s and a couple of the other girls’ numbers recorded in your phone.
  • Keep up energy levels. Hen dos can be active affairs. Take some healthy snacks and a bottle of water, so you can top up energy levels and rehydrate throughout the day.
  • Go for a mocktail. Don’t feel left out of all the fun, most bars have exciting non-alcoholic cocktail varieties or are happy to mix up a colourful concoction for you.
  • Join in. Many of the activities will be suitable for pregnant hens and if you have any worries ask the staff at the venue or gather some details from the chief bridesmaid beforehand.
  • Take a break. Consider your current energy levels before you go and plan in breaks when you think you’ll need them. No one will mind if you nip back to the hotel for an afternoon nap if it means you enjoy the evening celebrations.
  • Get your own room. If you are away for one or more nights try and get your own room if possible, this way you can have a sound night’s sleep undisturbed by tipsy friends coming in late and have a quiet nap if you need to.
  • Get home when you need to. Make sure you have a local taxi number and the hotel details if you are staying overnight so that you can slip away when you feel bed calling. Do not walk by yourself at night, always get a taxi.

Maximise specialise in hen and stag do solutions and are experts in creating tailored hen weekends.

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