Gettting Messy With Your Children

I am a firm believer in that you have to let your children get messy and dirty and also sometimes get messy with them too.

I am also passionate about crafting with children and sometimes the two go hand in hand and can be so much fun.

The weather should be getting better, spring has sprung, so why not take your crafting with children outside, that way you can relax a little on the mess front and the children can let loose without hearing “watch what you are doing with that paintbrush” 101 times.

How To Make Cornflour Paint.

Cornflour paint is a great and inexpensive resource, which is perfect for using outdoors.


Cornflour, Water, washable paint or food colouring


You don’t get much simpler than this, you basically mix all three ingredients together and then let the children loose.

Mini has been doing some inside today, he loves to mix it all together, as he loves the consistency of the cornflour.  We used three colours this morning and as he didn’t want his masterpiece washing away with the rain, we used paper to paint on.

I then thinken the paint by adding more cornflour and he enjoyed making patterns directly in to the large container (which is why I used such a big container).  This is a great way of getting children to learn and practice letter formation.  I was asking him to write his name in the goo.

We did this a lot last summer and I made different colour paints and the boys painted the street, it was something they really enjoyed and plus as it was outside it made cleaning up a breeze.  They both loved “splatting” it all over the pavement.

So come on lets start to feel a little less uptight about crafting and creating with our children, yes it can be messy, but messy can be fun.

Mumable Author: Jen Walshaw
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About Jen Walshaw
I am a mum of two energetic and excitable little boys, who loves to craft and just be with them. I feel passionately that children should be given access to craft and art and have the freedom to make a mess and not get shouted at! My personal blog is TheMadHouse, where life is never quiet, but not always interesting and I am proud to be shortlisted in The Mad Awards (Mummy and Daddy Blogger Awards) for the Best Family Fun Blog.

  • great post i like it 

  • Becky Goddard-Hill

    I absolutly agree with you Jen lets lighten up and embrace the mess! love the cornflour idea to thicken the paint...will give this a go. Did the neighbours mind the street pain or ddid they embrace it too/ Fab first post x

  • Thanks Becky, neighbors didnt mind at all, they all wanted to join in, you can just take a hose to it if they do! You are only a child for such a small lenght of time and I remember making a mess at home all the time

  • I think this is a great arty idea I hope lots of families have ago. I hear too many people say arty stuff is too messy to do at home. Such a shame as this stops children exploring their creativity which is much needed I think. I might even have a go myself

  • I am so with you on this, I grew up making a mess, but so many children dont get the opportunity now

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